The Rhythm Ruler is a tool to teach students about rhythms. It displays inches with sixteenth, eighth, quarter, half, and whole notes. The back has a breakdown of eighth, quarter, and half note triplets.


Teaching rhythms can be a difficult task but by relating note values to measurements – which most students are familiar with – the task is much easier. Students readily relate the two and easily understand note divisions with the Rhythm Ruler.

The Rhythm Ruler is perfect for band, orchestra, chorus and classroom music students. Teaching note values in general music and classroom music classes to students without previous music experience is much easier with the Rhythm Ruler.

The Rhythm Ruler is made from heavy matte cardstock. It is available in packs of 50 rulers for $50 per pack plus $10S&H. School purchase orders, credit cards or PayPal are accepted. ****Need a smaller quantity for gifts? Contact me at tambroni @ gmail DOT com. Discounts available for large purchases.

 2′x4′ Vinyl Banners of the Rhythm Ruler  Perfect for your classroom!!! – $120 shipped – These are nice banners with metal grommets for hanging. Of course, school purchase orders are welcome. 

Email me – tambroni AT gmail DOT com****


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photo 2***IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP***A banner of the order of flats and sharps. I tried having two banners for each but students found it confusing. So here is a banner where they can just read it from the appropriate side and with a single flat and sharp they know which side to use. The banner it 60″ x 6″, made of durable vinyl with ultraviolet protection and has 6 brass grommets for hanging.

$80 + $10 S&H

DISCOUNTED BLEMISHED – Has a tiny (~2″ long and less than a millimeter in width) on the flat and sharp sign. $50 + $10 S&H

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